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Set the level…

In sound technology it is very important that the levels be set to get the best out of your microphones and other sound equipment, this also help to minimize or prevent feedback and other disturbances.

I want to say to our leaders of worship, musicians, singers and psalmists.

When you stand to lead the musical aspect of your worship services, set the level.

Determine ahead the level you want to initiate at, and then build on it. God works on your desires to promote His glory.

Seek God and then lead the praise service powerfully, set the level.

The songs, the scripture, the acts of worship, do them with passion and set the level.

Always be conscious of your own attitude and spirit not just when you stand to lead but even in your preparation and the night before, days before, set the level.

When we begin to set the level of the service and with the Holy Spirit working in us, we will see miracles, super natural workings and regeneration like no other.