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Prayer of Purpose

Dear God

I know you are great and wonderful and I also know you are listening to this prayer.

From a very early age you called Samuel and placed him to serve your people.
God You showed Joseph the blue print of his life through his dreams...but God what do you want from me?

I look at the moon each time and its purpose I can clearly see...but God what do you want from me?

You groomed and trained David to be King and from he was a little shepherd boy you knew his heart... God what about mine?

At times I feel so far away from where you desire me to be...God you are able to fulfill your plans in. What do you want from me?

You called Ruth, Esther, Naomi, Elizabeth and Mary...God what do you want from me?

You said I should call unto you and you will show me hidden secrets.
Well…here is my mind, use it, here are my eyes show me and here is my mouth let me speak boldly.

God what do you want from me?

You have given me a name, a name which means something.
Help me Lord to live my name or cha…

Do I Have Your Attention?

Jesus asked me an important question today:
He asked, “Do I have your attention?”

He said, “I ended that bad relationship so you could see how much you really needed me
Do I have your attention?

Your finances have dried up, for you to learn to trust me to supply your needs:
Do I have your attention?

You have repeatedly made bad choices and wrong decisions
Do I now have your attention?

Your earthly appetite has become overwhelmed with wrong enticements
Porn, drugs, sex, lustful and flirtatious entertainment

All too often you give more attention to these and others rather me
Do I now have your attention?

You even worry so much about what others think about you than what my word says about you.

Your dressing, your body, your attitude and your friends all take precedence over me and what I desire from you.
Do I now have your attention?

How many more failures will it take for you to learn?
How many more heart break, scars and how many more burn?

As soon as you realise how much I have allowed fo…