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Choose Your Echo

Today a fellow musician and friend shared this with me. An amazing perspective and a profound lesson worth recounting...
✍ Choose ur Echo
A man was taking his son on a walk in a nearby forest. Suddenly the boy tripped and feeling a sharp pain, he screams "AHHHH!"
Surprised, he hears a voice coming from the mountain, "AHHHH!" He was taken aback as it was his first experience of an echo.
Filled with curiosity, he screams: "Who are you?", but the only answer he received was, "Who are you?"
This made him angry, so he shouted, "You are a coward!" and the voice answered, "You are a coward!"
He looked at his father and asked "Dad what's going on. Who's he talking back at me?"
"Son," the man replies, " pay attention. Say something nice to him
Then he screams, "I love you!"  The voice answers, "I love you!"
Realizing his son's confusion the man takes over the…