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More than most - Be Inspired!

Here is a little thing I wrote for you...please enjoy

More than enough vs not enough

Don't bite the bait - Titus 2 : 8

How often do you get into trouble because of words you have used, whether directly or indirectly?
Today one of my cousins read my online profile for my first book and was so moved by the work that she decided to encourage me with Titus 2: 8. I want to share both verse 7 and 8 with you which reads:

"Always set an example for others by doing good works.
Teach with integrity and dignity.
Use wholesome speech that cannot be condemned. Then any opponent will be ashamed because he cannot say anything bad about us." - ISV

Some times persons scuff at good works and say we are not saved by our good works, but good works could make the difference between we ending up on the right side or not. Good works could make the difference in us being effective witnesses or not. What do I mean by that?

Have you noticed carefully what is happening around us? People have reached a stage where they are able to deceive themselves so much that acts which were once considered out rightly forbidden are now b…