6 Prayers For Dream Restoration

Six Prayers for dream restoration

Your dreams serve as divine guidance and direction for your life. 
Do you need help with making the right choices for your career, relationships, finances & more?
God speaks to us through dreams, he did it with Jacob, again with Joseph, various kings and so many other examples in the scriptures.

Believe and lift your voice at midnight as you cry out for the restoration of your dreams. 
After repentance and a time of worship begin to pray these:

  1. Father by fire 🔥 destroy every dream snatcher, robber, or hijacker interfering with my dreams on this day. Amen  
  2. Powers of the Almighty let my dreams be activated, restored, and remembered by me; heal my memory and help me to recall with accuracy, in Jesus name. Amen
  3. Father right now cancel every negative dream concerning my life and every attachment to evil agenda.
  4. I now pray against every negative dream operating in my life and welcome good dreams and a new season of dreams.
  5. Father actívate my dream interpretation and understanding to discern
  6. Oh Lord my God be free to visit me in my dreams. We bind now every demonic spirit and praise you for your amazing deliverance. AMEN
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