I Have Prayed For You

I have asked the Lord to do this for you:

If you’ve got an unwanted guest in your body such as an infection, virus, inflammation or disease of any sort. 

I pray that without hesitation your immune system will step in, like a bouncer who means business. 

I command your body to release white blood cells and other chemicals that will destroy these threats right now in the name of His son Jesus Christ.

That elite squad of agents that zap invaders in your body -- like bacteria, viruses, and fungi -- In this hour, we come into agreement that they must now zoom through your entire body and defend you, powered by the blood of Christ Jesus. 

We close all ports of entry into your body by these viruses and activate the wisdom needed to stay well and healthy in this hour.

If you are not ill, as these aliens position themselves to attack your body they will not be able to get in through a cut, ride in on something you ate, filter through the air, or wait on a coin for you to touch it and then rub your eyes.
It shall not happen in Jesus' name.

In the time of trouble, God promises He will hide you in His Pavillion.

Say with me:
White blood cells, do your work now in my body as you aim to destroy these unwelcome guests.
Hack the germs code and destroy them.
My body will not fight against itself. 

I thank God for His supernatural power at work in me right now. 

Amen 🙏 

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  1. A wonderful prayer indeed. We are children of the most high God. We walk by faith and not by sight. We are called the 'Just'. The bible has declared in Habbakuk that the Just shall live by faith.

    It is therefore imperative and prudent for us to believe in the power of a sovereign God.

    Wonderful OK Dr. Gordon. Be blessed.

  2. I receive this prayer by faith in the name if Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Dr Gordon for unending prayers. May He also pour back into you as you pour into others.

  3. Hallelujah Hallelujah. I receive this healing in the name of Jesus and may these blessings be your portion in Jesus name
    Thank you my brother.

  4. We come into agreement it is so. ��

  5. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availet much, Dr. Gordon please continue doing the Lord's work, together we stand with you under the authority of the holy ghost. Amen.


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