31 Days of Prayers for Children: DAY 2

DAY 2 (Four Things Children and Preteens Worry About)

Abba Father, we adore You, show me how to handle the hidden and secret worries of my child's heart. Free him/her from worry and anxiety over school grades, school exams, and testsfitting in with friends, and the fear of not waking up. 

The Child's Prayer:

Dear God, keep me free from worrying. I trust you to make all things work out for my good. Amen

Notes to Parents: 
It is important to see life through your child's eyes so you are better equipped to empathize and motivate them. I never knew a six-year-old little boy could be so heartbroken over not having a sharpened pencil. That experience opened my eyes and made me take a greater interest in my sons' having ready pencils all the time.

Giving them the necessary support and tools they need to excel at what they do is vital to their well-being and performance.

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