31 Days of Prayers for Children: DAY 1

DAY 1 (Feeling loved in an environment free of criticism)

Heavenly Father, help me to love my child/children and also meet my child's/children's need(s) to feel loved. Teach us how to deal with the problems of our children/child not actually feeling loved.

The Child's Prayer:

Dear God, please teach my parents, caregivers, guardians, teachers, siblings, those I interact with, and others how to love me and make me feel loved. Show them I will almost never feel loved while being criticized.

Notes to Parents: 
It isn’t enough to love our children. Essentially, we all do that, yet we will still have problems. That’s because, if a child doesn’t actually feel he or she is loved, it often won’t matter how much the parents love the child. There needs to be an absence of criticism.

Feeling loved and not being criticized receive equal importance on the chart of a child's need and is described as the one thing a developing child needs above all else — except food, water, and shelter.

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